When it comes to finding the perfect roofing contractor, you don’t want to go wrong. Considering the different types of roofs you can find in Lafayette, it makes sense for you to not trust just any contractor. With the countless amount of contractors available, it’s important for you to pick one that knows what they’re doing. In order for you to put your money in the right place, we at T Bare Roofing have put together a simple list of advice to help you find the perfect roofing contractor for you.

Ask around for referrals 

If you have friends, family, or simply know somebody who has a roof that appears to be similar to yours, ask them who their roofing contractor is. If the person you know has had a nice roof for a long time, chances are their contractor is reliable and can provide you with a roof of the same quality.

Ask questions

When looking for contractors, you’re going to want to ask them questions to make sure they’re properly equipped for the job. Ask  contractors if they’re properly licensed and insured, if they have certifications, and if they can provide estimates. A good, reliable contractor should be able to answer these questions easily. If they shy away, that might be a red flag.

Choose a contractor who will help you make decisions

Make sure the contractor is willing to help you make choices about your roof. If they just go along with what you say, without any feedback (whether positive or negative), they might not care too much about your roof. Try to get a conversation going regarding whether or not your suggestions are the best decision for your roof.

Hopefully these tips are able to help you find the perfect roofing contractor. Should you have any questions or require further advice, feel free to contact T Bare Roofing here.