Everybody wants their roof to last. Unfortunately, getting your roof to last isn’t as simple as getting yearly inspections or praying that a pipe doesn’t burst. As a homeowner, it’s important for you to keep track of your roof and maintain it. Luckily for you, the team at T Bare Roofing is able to provide you with a couple of tips you (and all homeowners) should be aware of in order to keep your roof in tip-top shape. This forum here also offers some great tips and tricks to avoid having Windsor roofing problems. 






  1. Watch out for your trees







If you have a tree in your yard that has branches hanging over your rooftop, you’re going to want to have that branch removed. Leaves from the branch can damage your shingles and clump up in your gutters, leading to blockages.







2. Maintain your shingles







Shingles will tell you the condition of your roof because they’re exposed to all the environmental conditions. If you have missing, cracked, or peeling shingles, you might want to act now before it gets worse. 







3. Make sure your gutters are clean







If you notice your gutters are crammed with leaves and/or debris, it’s time to clean them out. Using gloves, pull everything out of the gutters and scrub them down to avoid problems.







4. Maintain your chimney







Your chimney can cause problems if it gets damaged. Make sure you check for cracks and make sure your chimney isn’t leaning. You’re also going to want to check the interior of your chimney by cleaning out vent outlets. Making sure your chimney is in good condition is one threat less to your roof.







5. Get your roof inspected annually







Don’t be afraid to invest in roof inspection. In fact, spending money now on an inspection can save you a lot more money down the road. Windsor roofing projects do not have to be a headache if you use a professional. If you want quality inspection performed by professionals, feel free to contact us